How to Set Up Aquarium Ultimate Guide

Hi, fishkeepers I’d like to show you how to set up a Freshwater Aquarium in 10 simple steps. You’ll learn which is the best place for your aquarium. Which equipments need to get started and which steps you’ll need to follow. Beginning from inserting the substrate and finishing with introducing feeding your fish. 

1. Select The Best Location

First of all, you’ll need to find the best location for your aquarium in your home it’s important to find a flat stable and horizontal location which is able to take the weight of your aquarium, furthermore, you should not place the aquarium in direct sunlight since the sunlight could promote unsightly algae growth the best place for your aquarium is located near to electrical sockets to allow you to plug in the technical equipment but please take care that the sockets are protected from any splash when you found the best place for your aquarium choose a stable table or an aquarium cabinet to set your aquarium on. Keep in mind that it completely filled 60-liter aquarium could weigh around 80 kilograms. Finally, you should clean the inside of the aquarium with clear water before continuing.

2. Equipment’s

  • Filter
  • Heater
  • Water Conditioner
  • Light
  • Substrate
  • Starter Nutrient
  • Plants
  • Aquarium Net
  • Siphon Gravel Cleaner

Before filling the aquarium I’ll show you which equipment you’ll need from the beginning there’s some equipment which is included in this aquarium set and some equipment you’ll need to buy before setting it up included in this aquarium set is a filter and heater.

A water conditioner water stabilizer and fish food also included are an LED light which is already installed in your query in addition you’ll need to purchase aquarium substrate and aquarium starter nutrient base for your plant’s fertilizer for your plants and a water test and I would also recommend buying some snacks for your fish you can stick them on the aquarium glass and watch your fish eat very close to set up your aquarium.

You’ll normally also need some decorative elements like stones routes and different plants and last but not least your fish finally you can also prepare some accessories like a small dish and a bucket to handle the water please also consider taking more than 45 minutes time to set up your aquarium. 

3. Insert Ground substrate

Fertile ground is important for your aquarium plants to take root and to activate strong and healthy plant growth. I used products for this primarily all fill my aquarium with Tetrick complete substrate which provides long-term nutrients to help your plants grow fast and develop healthy green leaves and resistant roots. Then secondly you can cover the substrate was aware of washed gravel called tetra active substrate it’s a natural substrate which allows a constant water circulation and therefore prevents the substrate from getting moldy which could result in regard of your plants but before using it please clean this gravel with clear water to remove any dirt when filling the substrate and it makes sense to stack the substrate higher in the backstage area of the aquarium as it helps to highlight the decoration in the rear area.

4. Install Filter and Heater

Now you should not the filter in the theater the filter is essential for a healthy aquarium life as it cleans the water and ensures the biological degradation of harmful fish waste filtration is an ongoing process you should change the green filter cartridge every 4 weeks the Koreans that already contains 2 cartridges for the beginning you can see that the heater can be placed within the filter box which makes it invisible the heater warms the water and ensures that the water temperature remains constant most tropical aquarium fish require a water temperature of between 24 and 27°C. But please do not switch on the filter and heater just yet.

5. Fill in Water

Now it’s time to fill the aquarium with water but before filling the water and please always remember to treat it with the water conditioner called touch rock was it as the tap water may contain substances which are harmful to fish like chlorine or heavy metals if you place addition the aquarium and pour the water on it the gravel won’t be stirred around in the water will remain so the aquarium with buckets of tap water at room temperature but first will only fill it halfway full as it will make it easier for you to decorate the acquired. 

6. Decorate Aquarium

Your aquarium can now be decorated with suitable stones and roots before inserting the decoration. You should carefully clean the stones and roots with boiling water and take care to only use elements which do not affect the water parameters when planning the decoration. Keep in mind to leave your fish enough space to swim. 

7. Insert plants

If you haven’t already applied the touch or complete active substrates you should supplement your gravel with the touch her initial sticks in order to create a nutrient-rich ground substrate for healthy aquarium plant growth before starting to put in your plans it is advisable to clean them carefully with lukewarm water trim rates that may be too long and damage leaves remove plastics and if applicable weights from the roots then when choosing a place for your plants consider planting large plants in the backstage area of the aquarium and small plants in the front area of the aquarium.

This makes it easier for you to watch the fish finally fertilize your plants right from the beginning you should use a tetra plan to start these tablets will be stuck into the gravel next to the roots of the plant when all the plants are planted and you have found a suitable place for all your decorative elements you can finish filling the aquarium with water and switch on the heater the light which shines blue at night and the filter. 

8. Create Biological Environment

Before adding fish to your query I’m a biologically active environment needs to first be established this means helpful bacteria need to grow within the ecosystem to reduce harmful substances like ammonia and nitrite normally this process needs up to 4 weeks to speed up the process we want certain Tetris safe start into the aquarium water this product as helpful bacteria to the aquarium water as it contains specially bred and living bacteria.

9. Test Water and Release Fish

 Finally, before adding fish to the aquarium you need to test the water values in your aquarium. To test your water use the tetra tests 6 in one of the digital water tests up from tetra. If the values are okay would you can check when compared to the test strip with a color scale on the 2 you can start to introduce your fish step by step to prevent the fish from becoming stressed first place the clothes transportation back into the aquarium wait 10 minutes to give the water within the back some time to adjust to the temperature in the aquarium and then open the bag and add some aquarium water into it repeat this process 2 or 3 times at 5-minute intervals then you can release all the fish into your aquarium. 

10. Caring Your Aquarium

Once your fish have become accustomed to their new aquarium you can start to feed them with tetra men flakes. tetra men assure that all of your fish receive essential nutrients vitamins and minerals feed your fish several times a day and give them small portions only as much as they can fully consume within a few minutes it is very important to avoid overfeeding as this puts the water and could lead to bad water parameters to ensure that all-important water values will be kept in a healthy balance for fishing plants you should change 1/3 of your aquarium water every 4 weeks and fill in fresh water to reduce the number of water changes and in addition stable as the water values you could use tetra easy balance.

So finally it’s all done so far and you can enjoy the beautiful and fascinating underwater world you’ve created whenever you want.

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