How to select Aquarium Light

First, check the type of aquarium light. Many lights people use indoor. There are different types of light for aquarium lights

We will introduce the features, advantages and disadvantages of each light.

LED light

LED lights are the mainstream these days. I think that it is use a lot in houses, but it is attractive that it costs less to run than nothing does. The electricity bill is easy and the life is long, so you can save the trouble of changing it.

The light itself is also light and easy to handle. However, regarding the breeding of aquatic plants, a weak part is necessary for photosynthesis.

Fluorescent light

When you think of old-fashioned aquarium lights, you probably think of fluorescent lamps. It is also use as an ornamental light, but it is also used for breeding aquatic plants. However, the life span is about half a year.

The brightness will drop so that it becomes a little darker. A light is cheap and easy to get.

Metal halide lamp

Metal high ride lamps are popular with those who grow tropical fish in earnest. As a feature, there are many hanging types and it is easy to maintain, but the price is high and it emits strong light, so running costs are high.

There are various types of installation locations such as stand type, clip, hanging type, and direct mounting type. When choosing, you should first consider where to focus. If the effect of the light itself such as aquatic plant breeding is important, it should be installed near the aquarium. In addition, I think there are cases where a tropical fish tank in place as the interior of the room.

In that case, I think that the overall appearance may also be of concern. Another thing that is often overlooked is that tropical fish are living creatures, so the inside of the aquarium also gets dirty, in addition, even the lights often get dirty by feeding and splashing water.

It means that if you do not clean it frequently, it will get dirty immediately. Especially when installing in a place where people gather, such as in the living room, it is a good idea to consider maintenance such as installing the light in a place that is easy to clean or using a removable one.

Choose by the size of the aquarium you want to illuminate

It depends on how much tropical fish you keep, and how much the aquarium itself is, so you need to choose light. In a luxurious and splendid aquarium, if the light is small, you cannot go to every corner.

I think the opposite is also true. I think there are many people who install everything together first. When making a purchase, choose the right size and brightness for your aquarium.

Choose by design and application

After all, I think that tropical fish often bred while showing them. I think that it is often placed in various rooms such as the entrance and living room. If you want to breed in earnest, you should make it a full-fledged one that can breed lights and aquatic plants, and if it also serves as an interior, you should choose it while imagining the design and size of the light and the installation location.

Top 5 Recommended Aquarium Lights

  • HUASUN aquarium light 25CM LED aquarium light

This light is a type that is sandwiched in a water tank on one side. Furthermore, the angle and height can be adjusted freely. I think it is easy to use because you do not have to limit the mounting location.

Installation work is very easy. It is also convenient to be able to set the cut time to 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours with a timer. Since it uses ultra-thin aluminum, it has good heat dissipation and can save energy.

  • LED light for Varmhus aquarium

You may be surprised at the low price of this light. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, or if you want to keep some tropical fish, you may choose one that doesn’t cost much.

It is also popular online. It’s tailored to the price, so it’s not that it’s elaborate, but it’s good that it can be used amphibiously and isn’t wasted. It is also convenient to have a remote control.

  • DADYPET aquarium light

This light is a sliding type and supports a wide range of sizes. Can be used up to a maximum width of 45 cm). It is also convenient to be able to attach it to both a frameless aquarium and a framed aquarium. Then we use 24 high brightness LED lamps that not only look beautiful in the light but also enhance photosynthesis.

Therefore, it is also a feature that you can grow aquatic plants together. The irradiation angle is 120 degrees and it illuminates the entire depth of the aquarium brightly. The aquarium light is made of high-quality ultra-thin aluminum, so it’s good that it doesn’t break easily.

  • Tetra LED mini eco light

Although it is compact and inexpensive, it is popular for its energy-saving LED lighting, which has top-class brightness. You can easily switch between ON and OFF with the switch attached to the main unit. It is for a 17-40cm aquarium.

Since it is an LED, it has a long life and good cost performance. For installation, use plastic screws and a frame to fit the edge of the aquarium.

  • Gex Clear LED Power III 300

This Gex light often comes up when I am researching to keep tropical fish. It is a popular LED light in 4 sizes. The three-color LED light can produce beautiful light not only for fish but also for aquatic plants and water.

A product said to have a high degree of satisfaction with brightness with a total luminous flux of 500 lumens.

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