How To Choose Best Fish Foods

If you are just taking your first steps in the aquarium industry, a reasonable question will arise. Which food for aquarium fish is best? Why choose Tetra fish food? You need to take care of the proper nutrition of your pets. Failure to comply with the basic principles of feeding can lead to various diseases, or even become fatal.

What should be considered when choosing food for aquarium fish?

To each his own. It is imperative to ensure that the fish eats the food that meets its needs. They can be a vegetarian or a predator, preferring to fish for food at different depths. It is worth remembering the size of the mouth because the pieces of food can be of different sizes.

The variety on the menu. Fish, like any other pets, need a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Agree, it is unlikely that the intake of one type of food will be enough to provide them with this condition. Modern food for aquarium fish is very diverse, so do not dwell on just one type and convince yourself that the inhabitants of the underwater world are getting everything they need.

Food for aquarium fish comes in various forms: tablets, chips, sticks, flakes, crushed and granulated.

Fish food in the form of tablets – suitable for bottom fish, shrimps and snails, when it enters the aquarium, the tablet immediately sinks to the bottom, and the rest of the inhabitants of your aquarium may not notice it.

Fish food in the form of chips or flakes – suitable for fish that swim in the middle of the aquarium (cockerels, guppies, gourami, ornatus, and others), as the flakes gradually sink into the water. These foods have little nutritional value and can contaminate filters and water in the aquarium.

Food for fish in the form of sticks and granules – this food is suitable for many aquarium fish, including large ones, it swells and increases in size, so you should not give a lot of it at once, it is important not to overfeed the fish.

Types of fish food

Before purchasing any food for fish, you should carefully study its features. Among the feeds for aquarium fish presented today, the following types are distinguished:

Dry food The most popular option is cereal, although the food in the form of granules and tablets also has its fans. The advantages of this type are the prevention of spoilage by microorganisms and the long shelf life due to the low water content. In addition, such aquarium fish food does not lead to the heavily soiled aquarium that occurs when using dough foods.

Freeze-dried feed – They are created by freezing at low temperatures organisms that are live food (bloodworms, tubule worms). The resulting feed does not contain excess moisture and retains nutrients.

Frozen food – for aquarium fish. It may include daphnia, moths, mosquito larvae, spinach, mysids, plankton, and more. The modern industry makes it possible to achieve complete neutralization of such feed by freezing and exposure to gamma rays.

Live feed – Without them, it is difficult to imagine the diets of the vast majority of aquarium fish. The benefits of Tetra’s live food for aquarium fish include high nutritional value and awakening the natural instincts of the aquarium inhabitants. But you should remember about the risk of diseases due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.

Fresh food – for aquarium fish. Frozen green vegetables, fish, shellfish, and shrimp are great additions to your diet. However, you should avoid feeding foods containing saturated fatty acids as this will adversely affect the health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Which fish food is good?

It’s hard not to get lost in the variety of offers today. But many aquarists prefer Tetra fish food. The company has been working in this area for over 50 years, which allowed its employees to create a unique hierarchy of feeds that meet the needs of not only groups but also some fish species. The correct shape, size of pieces, high-quality components – all this is the guarantee of the health of the inhabitants of the underwater world. Using this food, the aquarist does not have to worry about the well-being of his pets.

The best food for aquarium fish

Food for fish Tetra – complete food for all types of aquarium fish, suitable for daily nutrition. All-purpose food at a reasonable price is the leader among all fish food.

Tropical fish food is intended for the daily feeding of aquarium fish. The composition contains an optimally selected set of vitamins and all necessary microelements.

Food for fish Benelux – has a balanced formula, contains everything necessary for good growth and development of fish. Suitable for daily use.

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