What is the breeding method of fish?

This time, I will explain how to breed fish. What is the breeding method of fish? It is very natural, but unlike humans, which are mammals, fish are classified as fish, so their breeding methods are different. The fertilization style of fish is roughly divide into the following two types. Internal fertilization In vitro fertilization … Read more

Java moss a fry shelter

Java moss is perhaps the most popular among its relatives, due to its unpretentiousness and rapid growth, it has become widespread in both amateur and professional aquarists. With its help, you can create interesting compositions, turning them into driftwood, stones, and other decorative elements. General information Java moss (Vesicularia dubyana) comes from the hypnum moss … Read more

How to select Aquarium Light

First, check the type of aquarium light. Many lights people use indoor. There are different types of light for aquarium lights We will introduce the features, advantages and disadvantages of each light. LED light LED lights are the mainstream these days. I think that it is use a lot in houses, but it is attractive … Read more