Freshwater Plants For Aquariums

Many aquarists struggle to make their tanks look as natural as possible. Adding live plants to your aquarium is one of the best ways to stay true to the elements of nature while improving the living conditions for your fish. As plants lose oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they can improve water quality and make … Read more

Duckweed Plant In Aquarium

Aquarium plants on the surface of the water are one of the types of vegetation in an aquarium. How to deal with them? What keeps them “on top”? Are they need in an aquarium? Very often, amateur aquarists ask themselves: why are plants needed in an aquarium? Can you do without them? After all, living … Read more

Aquarium With Live Plants

The first part of the article described the benefits of using live plants instead of artificial ones in the aquarium, and provided a list of plants suitable for beginners. Below we will talk about why specialized equipment is required to create a beautiful aquarium with live plants, what exactly needs to be used, and what … Read more