Duckweed Plant In Aquarium

Aquarium plants on the surface of the water are one of the types of vegetation in an aquarium. How to deal with them? What keeps them “on top”? Are they need in an aquarium? Very often, amateur aquarists ask themselves: why are plants needed in an aquarium? Can you do without them? After all, living … Read more

Aquarium With Live Plants

The first part of the article described the benefits of using live plants instead of artificial ones in the aquarium, and provided a list of plants suitable for beginners. Below we will talk about why specialized equipment is required to create a beautiful aquarium with live plants, what exactly needs to be used, and what … Read more

10 Best Schooling Aquarium Fish

Thinking about settling a tropical aquarium, small, nimble and very beautiful fish – Tetras first come to mind. Keeping Tetras in an aquarium is as old as the aquarium hobby itself, because these “pearls” of South America and West Africa seem too made for aquarium life. They are incredibly easy to maintain, have a bright … Read more

All about Aquarium Filtration

A fish tank is a closed system. Your pet fish will live in the same amount of water until you change the water. (Imagine what would happen if you were put in a covered room and given only food). The main purpose of the filter is to keep the water quality of the fish tank … Read more

Low Cost, Low Maintenance Planted Tank

This Planted Tank system was introduced to the world by a person named Diana Walstad. Therefore, this method is called the “walstad method”. This method, now known as “dirted aquarium”, has been popularized because of its low cost of manufacture and low tank maintenance. Once the dirted aquarium is well grown, even water transfer can … Read more

How to Set Up Aquarium Ultimate Guide

Hi, fishkeepers I’d like to show you how to set up a Freshwater Aquarium in 10 simple steps. You’ll learn which is the best place for your aquarium. Which equipments need to get started and which steps you’ll need to follow. Beginning from inserting the substrate and finishing with introducing feeding your fish.  1. Select … Read more