What is the breeding method of fish?

This time, I will explain how to breed fish. What is the breeding method of fish? It is very natural, but unlike humans, which are mammals, fish are classified as fish, so their breeding methods are different. The fertilization style of fish is roughly divide into the following two types. Internal fertilization In vitro fertilization … Read more

Java moss a fry shelter

Java moss is perhaps the most popular among its relatives, due to its unpretentiousness and rapid growth, it has become widespread in both amateur and professional aquarists. With its help, you can create interesting compositions, turning them into driftwood, stones, and other decorative elements. General information Java moss (Vesicularia dubyana) comes from the hypnum moss … Read more

How to select Aquarium Light

First, check the type of aquarium light. Many lights people use indoor. There are different types of light for aquarium lights We will introduce the features, advantages and disadvantages of each light. LED light LED lights are the mainstream these days. I think that it is use a lot in houses, but it is attractive … Read more

How to get your first aquarium fish

I know from my own experience that even a child can populate an aquarium and monitor it, the main thing is to know the basic rules and choose the right inhabitants. For those who are going to start a reservoir or want to add new fish, I will tell you which ones are better to … Read more

How To Care Betta Properly

I will teach you how properly care for Betta, a beautiful and durable fish that is ideal for beginners. In addition, unlike other ornamental fish-related instructors, this will actually give you a legitimate fact about the betta that will allow your betta to thrive. Betta background Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish or Betta … Read more

How To Breed Guppy

Guppy has great colors, a cute face, and above all, is easy to care for. What more do you want for fish? If you want to keep your aquarium filled with these little aesthetics, you will need to learn how to breed your fish and take care of their cute fry. Guppy Breeding Select the … Read more

Freshwater Plants For Aquariums

Many aquarists struggle to make their tanks look as natural as possible. Adding live plants to your aquarium is one of the best ways to stay true to the elements of nature while improving the living conditions for your fish. As plants lose oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they can improve water quality and make … Read more

Feeding Aquarium Fish

In natural reservoirs, fish nutrition is very diverse. Therefore, living in an aquarium bittersweet, plyatipecilia, mollinisia, gourami in nature eat mainly plant foods, haplochiluses pick up insects falling on the water, and cichlids (scalars and others) are predators. In the aquarium, all species receive the same regular aquarium food, the supply of which is very … Read more